Jumar Solutions Press Release: Businesses urged “Don’t bin your IT – improve it!”

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PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release (25th September 2012)

Businesses urged: Don’t bin your IT – improve it!

Innovative UK company urges global businesses to potentially save millions of pounds by modernising existing IT systems instead of replacing them

A rapidly-expanding IT company is issuing a rallying call to businesses worldwide to make considerable cost savings by modernising their IT systems, rather than replacing them.

This week, West Midlands-based Jumar Solutions, is embarking on a global campaign to convince big businesses that replacing their IT portfolio could cost them significantly but, by simply improving what they already have could save thousands – or even millions – of pounds.

Jumar claims that all too commonly, IT suppliers will recommend a wholesale replacement of long-established systems but, by doing so, businesses can waste time, money and most importantly, lose the investment and knowledge that has been built up in those applications over many years.

A team from Jumar will be touring the USA, Europe and Australia, starting in Stockholm on 26th September to demonstrate the considerable business benefits of using automation tools to bring their internal IT up-to-date.

Wendy Merricks, Jumar’s Managing Director says “Many companies have IT systems and applications which go back years – if not decades – and they work perfectly well.  But when they need upgrading, or integrating with new technology like the web, the temptation is to start over from scratch.

In doing so, not only do you lose the many years of investment in technology and knowledge that have gone into that system, but that approach could be very costly and time consuming. In some cases organisations retain the old system AND the new, adding to the cost of maintenance.

By using automation tools to streamline the modernisation process, you could save a considerable amount of time and money – and still harvest the value from what is already in place.

If you can exploit the investment in your system, rather than losing it, you are immediately at an advantage.  You’ve kept processes and procedures which you know work well – but your system is now fully up-to-date and giving you the competitive edge”.

Wendy is one of the team from Jumar who will be kicking off a series of events and visits which will see them travel to Germany, The Netherlands, London, Dallas as well as visiting other major technology companies across the USA and Australia.

Jumar itself has experienced 38% growth in the last financial year, and is targeting year-on-year growth in excess of 30%.

Growth and cost savings will be the cornerstone of Jumar’s message as it demonstrates automation software including its own Project Phoenix suite of tools, which have already been deployed on a significant number of IT modernisation projects worldwide.

For more information, or to arrange interviews, please contact Andy Holmes at Jumar Solutions on 0121 788 4550

Notes to editors

Jumar Solutions is a specialist IT services and solutions company with offices in the UK and Australia and more than 150 clients in 35 countries. It provides software, services and tools specifically designed to modernise applications and specialist IT recruitment solutions to major corporates across the world.  It has won the Deloitte Fast 50 Award for growth, three times in succession.

Jumar specialises in application modernisation and development using some of the world’s most advanced development tools and methodologies.  It works with each client to create pragmatic solutions closely aligned to their individual needs, by providing a blend of consultancy, training and software solutions.  Its Project Phoenix Software is used by high-profile clients across the world.

Its headquarters are located in Solihull, UK – and it has a Sydney-based Australian subsidiary.  For more information, please contact +44 121 788 4550


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