Big Apple-ication development: Jumar’s marathon feat

Doug has taken part in many marathons – including London (pictured)

One of Jumar’s best known names – our CTO, Doug Michael – is swapping his desk in the UK for the streets of New York (in the aftermath of ‘superstorm’ Sandy) to take part in one of the world’s most prestigious marathons.

On 4th November, Doug (who has an enviable marathon running pedigree, having run the London Marathon already this year) will be raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust by running 26 miles around Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx – before crossing the finish line in Central Park.  The latest word is that the marathon is still scheduled to go ahead as planned – although many runners may not be able to actually get to NY, because of the backlog of plane cancellations.  Doug was lucky – and his scheduled flight was not affected.

In his own (modest) words, he’s not hoping to break any records, having lost seven weeks training to a go-karting accident.  Let’s just hope he’s better at running than go-karting.

If you’re lucky enough to be there on the day, cheer him on.  Alternatively, if you’re one of our US clients, and want to talk to him about IT modernisation, Service Oriented Architecture or Agile Development – catch him on the finish line.  He won’t be able to run away!


Let’s get EDGEucated… with some Texas trivia!

You know how sometimes, you get distracted from the serious business of work? Well that’s ‘sort of’ just happened in the Jumar office. We’ve were putting the finishing touches to our trip to the EDGEucate CA Gen conference in Texas, when our research took a bizarre twist, which we’ll share with you. We set about researching the most trivial fact about the conferences home State. For instance, did you know that (according to the internet, so it must be true), the state of Texas…

  • is roughly the same size as Burma
  • has an average commute time for its residents of 24 minutes and 50 seconds
  • has very slightly more female than male residents
  • gets its name from the word ‘friends’ in an endangered Oklahoma language
  • will be home to Jumar’s Paul Hughes and Andy Scott for a few days in November

Okay, we had to slot that last bit on the end – it was, after all, why we were googling all things Texas.

Why the obsession with Texas?

Well, Paul and Andy will be presenting at this prestigious event which runs from 13-15th November – and they’d would love to hear from you if you are going too.

Please also get in touch if you can’t make it, but would like them to visit you during their trip to discuss any aspect of CA Gen modernisation, application development, SOA, CBD or Jumar’s range of automation software.

Our contact details can be found on the new Jumar website.

What will you miss out on?

If you’re not at EDGEucate, you won’t get the chance to hear Jumar present about how insightful companies have benefited from using automation tools to modernise their IT applications. The further benefit is that by modernising, rather than replacing, they retain the value that has built up in that system. Automation makes this much simpler – and MUCH more cost effective.
They’ll also cover a number of examples of such technology in action – along with real-life case studies of where Jumar and its Project Phoenix automation software has really made a difference to IT transformation projects

Book your place now

It’s not too late to reserve your place. Simply click here to be taken to the CA Technologies website for more details. And don’t forget to get in touch if you’re going – or if you’d like a personal presentation at your premises while we’re on our tour of the US.

Going down under: Jumar’s Australian tour begins

First Europe, now Oz!

Jumar’s ‘world tour’ is heading to Australia, in what is set to be another busy few weeks.

Our MD, Wendy Merricks, and Client Services Director, Andy Scott, are jetting off to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane at the end of October/start of November to meet clients new and old, and to catch up on the benefits of some of the projects we’ve carried out in Australia.

It all comes just weeks after our CA Gen seminar tour of Europe (Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and UK) – and in only a few weeks time, we’ll be off to the USA for the EDGEucate conference in Texas.

Wendy and Andy’s Australian agenda is filling up rapidly.  They’ll be meeting some of the major organisations who’ve used Jumar’s IT modernisation services, CA Gen consultancy and other CA Gen related services.  They will also be meeting new contacts too – to demonstrate how Jumar’s automation tools can hugely simplify a whole host of IT transformation projects.  This approach can mean considerable cost savings – but also brings other benefits.  Why lose all the knowledge and value from your existing applications by replacing them?  Jumar can help you harvest this, and retain its value to the business.

If you would like Wendy or Andy to visit your organisation during their Australian tour, please drop us a line.

So what’s happening further afield?  Well, in November, it’s the EDGEucate users’ group conference in Texas.  Andy will be joined by our Business Development Manager Paul Hughes to present on the benefits of automating IT change and to share some of the lessons learned from a selection of Jumar’s large scale projects over the last 12 months.  More details on this are here.

Doing business in Australia – a ‘warts and all’ guide

If you’re thinking of setting up business in Australia, preferably without even leaving the UK, valuable advice is on hand.

Jumar will be presenting at an event organised by RSM Tenon in November, to share our experiences of setting up the Australian arm of our IT consultancy business ‘down under’.

Based in Sydney, Jumar Solutions pty ltd was set up to provide  the same CA Gen and IT modersnisation services as our UK-based company.

The event at West Bromwich Albion football ground is set to attract business leaders from across the region to hear, at first hand, the practicalities and pitfalls of making this bold step.

For more information, please click here.

A busy few months (continued): Off to CA Gen’s home territory

So previously, we did a whistlestop summary of our forthcoming European adventure – now, it’s off to the USA.

Mid-November is just round the corner.  As is, therefore, this year’s EDGEucate conference in Texas.  From 13th to 15th, to be precise.

This year, Jumar has gone gold.  As ‘gold sponsor’ of this popular event, our experts in CA Gen, Paul Hughes and Andy Scott will be on hand to buy everyone a drink.  Well, we’re also coffee break sponsors, so that’s not strictly an untruth.

The plan for the event?  Well, as ever it’s a mixture of seminars, lab sessions and networking events, focusing on a wide range CA Gen issues.

We’ll be focusing on automation in CA Gen upgrade and modernisation projects – particularly how you can simplify such projects using automation, while saving costs, improving ROI and harvesting the knowledge and investment already in your system.

As you’d expect, they’ll also be rolling up their sleeves and showing this in action too.  The exact demo is still TBC, but something like a green screen to web interface in a few seconds.  That sort of thing.

As with any such event, it’s always good to meet new people as well as the familiar faces from the CA Gen community.  So, if you’re going, drop us a line by way of a comment on this blog, or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

More information about this event coming soon.  Watch this space.

CA Gen seminar days – a European overview

It doesn’t seem to matter whether we were in Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany or the UK, the level of enthusiasm during the recent CA Gen seminar tour was incredibly encouraging.

Jumar’s Paul Hughes jetted off around the continent to share experiences with some of the world’s largest organisations, to discuss the various trends and thought processes surrounding CA Gen – but most importantly, to help drive the direction of the CA Gen product in future releases.

Because Jumar is a CA services partner (not to mention our considerable experience in CA Gen), the feedback we get from such events can be fed back to CA technologies directly to help refine the roadmap for the future, with the needs and aspirations of users very much in mind.  We are always keen to hear your thoughts.  Please keep them coming.

Ditton Manor was the venue for the UK leg of the CA Gen Seminar Tour

It was great to see some familiar faces on the tour – as well making new contacts, and as ever, if you weren’t able to make it, please contact us on +44 (0) 121 788 4550 and we’d be delighted to get in touch, either face-to-face or by Skype.

So what are we doing that will enhance our offering with regard to the newer versions of CA Gen?  Well, too much to go into here, but the highlight is that we’re already in the process of enhancing our Model Analyser software (part of the Project Phoenix suite of products) to help CA Gen users get the most out of the product, with a particular focus on exploiting their investment, and getting the most out of CA Gen.  This focuses on the next version of CA Gen (v8.5) and beyond.

Paul’s presentation focused on CA project trends, looking at individual case studies, to help share best practice with delegates – and, as always, it was well received with a number of interesting conversations arising from it.  Please feel free to join the conversation either by commenting on this blog post or on Facebook or Twitter.

A key focus was the automation software written and developed by Jumar which accelerates and simplifies modernistaion – enhanced by a range of services and consultancy which add considerable value to:

Service Oriented Architecture
• User interface transition
• Model repair
• Project Resourcing

Next on the agenda, is Jumar’s tour of Australia later this month – followed by the high-profile EDGEucate conference in Texas in November.  More on these events to come.

If you’d like more details about this – or any other aspect of CA Gen modernisation, please call Paul direct on +44 (01) 121 788 4550.

Finding the right talent – Sharing Jumar’s experience

The last few weeks have seen us jetting off around Europe with a series of CA Gen seminar days. This week, an event of a different type beckons. Yes, the CA Gen tour still continues – with an event in London on Thursday – but on the same day, something else is happening closer to home.

Jumar’s MD, Wendy Merricks, will be giving a presentation in front of high-profile businesspeople here on Jumar’s doorstep. The subject is young people – and how to get them inspired and encouraged into a career in the business sector.

The event, called ‘Step Up in Solihull’ is all about getting local business people in one place to discuss how they can benefit from the local pool of talent, and forge better links with schools, colleges and other academic institutions.

The reason for Wendy’s involvement is because of her extensive experience in working with schools and colleges to focus students’ attentions on a career in business, coupled with her extensive experience in IT jobs and recruitment. Because she’s worked heavily with a local school and the childrens’ charity Starfish,Wendy was asked to share her experiences in the event organised by Solihull Council.

The presentation will cover everything from mentoring students to giving support on CV writing to interview.

It’s something we’re not a stranger to ourselves – having taken on graduates, interns and school leavers – many of which are still with Jumar, and in positions of seniority.