Finding the right talent – Sharing Jumar’s experience

The last few weeks have seen us jetting off around Europe with a series of CA Gen seminar days. This week, an event of a different type beckons. Yes, the CA Gen tour still continues – with an event in London on Thursday – but on the same day, something else is happening closer to home.

Jumar’s MD, Wendy Merricks, will be giving a presentation in front of high-profile businesspeople here on Jumar’s doorstep. The subject is young people – and how to get them inspired and encouraged into a career in the business sector.

The event, called ‘Step Up in Solihull’ is all about getting local business people in one place to discuss how they can benefit from the local pool of talent, and forge better links with schools, colleges and other academic institutions.

The reason for Wendy’s involvement is because of her extensive experience in working with schools and colleges to focus students’ attentions on a career in business, coupled with her extensive experience in IT jobs and recruitment. Because she’s worked heavily with a local school and the childrens’ charity Starfish,Wendy was asked to share her experiences in the event organised by Solihull Council.

The presentation will cover everything from mentoring students to giving support on CV writing to interview.

It’s something we’re not a stranger to ourselves – having taken on graduates, interns and school leavers – many of which are still with Jumar, and in positions of seniority.


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