A busy few months (continued): Off to CA Gen’s home territory

So previously, we did a whistlestop summary of our forthcoming European adventure – now, it’s off to the USA.

Mid-November is just round the corner.  As is, therefore, this year’s EDGEucate conference in Texas.  From 13th to 15th, to be precise.

This year, Jumar has gone gold.  As ‘gold sponsor’ of this popular event, our experts in CA Gen, Paul Hughes and Andy Scott will be on hand to buy everyone a drink.  Well, we’re also coffee break sponsors, so that’s not strictly an untruth.

The plan for the event?  Well, as ever it’s a mixture of seminars, lab sessions and networking events, focusing on a wide range CA Gen issues.

We’ll be focusing on automation in CA Gen upgrade and modernisation projects – particularly how you can simplify such projects using automation, while saving costs, improving ROI and harvesting the knowledge and investment already in your system.

As you’d expect, they’ll also be rolling up their sleeves and showing this in action too.  The exact demo is still TBC, but something like a green screen to web interface in a few seconds.  That sort of thing.

As with any such event, it’s always good to meet new people as well as the familiar faces from the CA Gen community.  So, if you’re going, drop us a line by way of a comment on this blog, or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

More information about this event coming soon.  Watch this space.


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