Going down under: Jumar’s Australian tour begins

First Europe, now Oz!

Jumar’s ‘world tour’ is heading to Australia, in what is set to be another busy few weeks.

Our MD, Wendy Merricks, and Client Services Director, Andy Scott, are jetting off to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane at the end of October/start of November to meet clients new and old, and to catch up on the benefits of some of the projects we’ve carried out in Australia.

It all comes just weeks after our CA Gen seminar tour of Europe (Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and UK) – and in only a few weeks time, we’ll be off to the USA for the EDGEucate conference in Texas.

Wendy and Andy’s Australian agenda is filling up rapidly.  They’ll be meeting some of the major organisations who’ve used Jumar’s IT modernisation services, CA Gen consultancy and other CA Gen related services.  They will also be meeting new contacts too – to demonstrate how Jumar’s automation tools can hugely simplify a whole host of IT transformation projects.  This approach can mean considerable cost savings – but also brings other benefits.  Why lose all the knowledge and value from your existing applications by replacing them?  Jumar can help you harvest this, and retain its value to the business.

If you would like Wendy or Andy to visit your organisation during their Australian tour, please drop us a line.

So what’s happening further afield?  Well, in November, it’s the EDGEucate users’ group conference in Texas.  Andy will be joined by our Business Development Manager Paul Hughes to present on the benefits of automating IT change and to share some of the lessons learned from a selection of Jumar’s large scale projects over the last 12 months.  More details on this are here.


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