Let’s get EDGEucated… with some Texas trivia!

You know how sometimes, you get distracted from the serious business of work? Well that’s ‘sort of’ just happened in the Jumar office. We’ve were putting the finishing touches to our trip to the EDGEucate CA Gen conference in Texas, when our research took a bizarre twist, which we’ll share with you. We set about researching the most trivial fact about the conferences home State. For instance, did you know that (according to the internet, so it must be true), the state of Texas…

  • is roughly the same size as Burma
  • has an average commute time for its residents of 24 minutes and 50 seconds
  • has very slightly more female than male residents
  • gets its name from the word ‘friends’ in an endangered Oklahoma language
  • will be home to Jumar’s Paul Hughes and Andy Scott for a few days in November

Okay, we had to slot that last bit on the end – it was, after all, why we were googling all things Texas.

Why the obsession with Texas?

Well, Paul and Andy will be presenting at this prestigious event which runs from 13-15th November – and they’d would love to hear from you if you are going too.

Please also get in touch if you can’t make it, but would like them to visit you during their trip to discuss any aspect of CA Gen modernisation, application development, SOA, CBD or Jumar’s range of automation software.

Our contact details can be found on the new Jumar website.

What will you miss out on?

If you’re not at EDGEucate, you won’t get the chance to hear Jumar present about how insightful companies have benefited from using automation tools to modernise their IT applications. The further benefit is that by modernising, rather than replacing, they retain the value that has built up in that system. Automation makes this much simpler – and MUCH more cost effective.
They’ll also cover a number of examples of such technology in action – along with real-life case studies of where Jumar and its Project Phoenix automation software has really made a difference to IT transformation projects

Book your place now

It’s not too late to reserve your place. Simply click here to be taken to the CA Technologies website for more details. And don’t forget to get in touch if you’re going – or if you’d like a personal presentation at your premises while we’re on our tour of the US.


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