Jumar featured in well-regarded business magazine

Share and share alike, goes the saying.  One thing we’re keen on sharing at Jumar is our experience of setting up our Australian subsidiary, Jumar Solutions Pty Ltd.

We went through a long but rewarding process to set up our Australian entity, and we learned some valuable lessons along the way, which we can now turn into advice.  Advice which – had we known about it at the time – would have been invaluable in going through the process of setting up our IT consultancy business ‘down under’.

Hence, we’re more than happy to share it with anyone else in a similar position.  Handily, we’re featured in this month’s Midlands Business Insider magazine, talking about just that. Our MD, Wendy Merricks features in an article in which businesspeople from across the region share their experiences of doing business on the other side of the world.

More details are available from our website, along with details on how to get your copy of this well-respected publication.


Good to meet up in Australia: CA Gen EDGE conference review

The whirlwind of CA Gen seminars made its way to Canberra – in the latest EDGE (CA Gen user community) event – the APAC conference on 22nd November.  And a very popular event it turned out to be.

Donning his Jumar hat (well, polo shirt more likely) was Paul McRae who waxed lyrical in front of a spellbound audience on the subject of Jumar’s automated approach to CA Gen modernization.  Paul was one of a series of speakers (including CA Gen Product Manager, Patti Bowman) at this well attended event – with other agenda topics covering beta versions of CA Gen v8.5, the cloud, new CA Gen sites and many others.

Blobs and web services were high on the agenda for most attendees, as were were ways of encouraging a greater uptake of CA Gen.

We are reliably informed that ice-cream provided a memorable aspect of the event – but can report on this no more as, apparently, ‘you had to be there’.  Which brings us onto…

If you wanted to attend to event, but couldn’t – then you can always drop us a line.  We have a 25 minute video covering the main points of our technology modernisation presentation, which we would be happy to share with you.  Alternatively, we could arrange a face-to-face meeting (or over Skype if you prefer) to discuss some of the more salient points.

There’s a bite-size teaser available below, where we look at 3270 block mode transitioning.  This video forms a small chunk of the bigger presentation.

Of you need any further information, you know where we are.  Look forward to hearing from you!

Modernising legacy systems – you COULD do it the long-winded way, but…

…that would be, well… long-winded.  And expensive.

CA Gen modernisation – there is a simpler way. Much simpler.

There is an alternative, however, and that will be presented at the EDGE CA Gen users conference in Canberra next week. (22nd Nov)

Jumar will be demonstrating the benefits of automating legacy system modernisation – with a particular focus on CA Gen, by selecting some choice snippets from its series of presentations about simplification through modernisation.

The conference takes place at CA’s Offices, and you can find more details including a link to book your place here.

This follows the successful EDGEucate conference in Texas – where we gave two presentations on a similar theme.  We apologies to everyone expecting to meet the infamous Paul Hughes at the event… Paul was prevented from travelling by illness (but is now on the mend) – so Kevin Tate stepped in at the last minute to give the talk remotely.

Thanks to everyone who attended – and we look forward to meeting some new faces and old friends in Canberra next week.

New YouTube video: 3270 block mode transition

Our latest bite-size video has just been launched at the CA Gen EDGEucate conference in the Texas, USA – and focuses on the challenges involved in modernising 3270 block mode applications.

Jumar’s Gary Mellor takes you through the issues and solutions – as well as the benefits of using Jumar’s 3270Auto software for automating IT change.

If you have any queries about this, or any other aspect of IT transitioning, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.  Thanks for watching!

Doing business in Australia – Thanks to all who attended

Thanks to everyone who came to the RSM Tenon “Doing business with Australia” event at West Bromwich Albion Football Club this morning.  Our Finance Director, Vanessa Trueman took to the stage to share Jumar’s experience in setting up business down under, without even leaving the West Midlands.

We hope you found it useful – and if you have any queries which present themselves following the event, please feel free to contact us.

Jumar set up the Australian arm of its IT consultancy business with assistance from RSM Tenon, so we were pleased to be asked to take part in this event, which covered a range of topics from finance and tax to the logistics of setting up a business entity on the other side of the world.

Vanessa Trueman presenting to delegates at this morning’s “Doing business with Australia” event
Picture courtesy Sarah Duggan via Twitter (@SarahDuggan78)

Texas – here we come! CA Gen conference is almost here

Just a few days left now.  The EDGEucate conference is almost here.

Are you going?  We are.  Obviously!  Jumar’s Paul Hughes will be strutting his inimitable stuff at the event, which takes place next week at the Collin College Conference Center in Frisco, Texas – the homeland of CA Technologies.  Details are here.

Paul’s presentation will cover all things CA Gen modernisation related, from the motivations to the challenges, the solutions to the outcomes.

In fact, while we’re here, we can give you a sneaky peek at the agenda for the event…

  • Motivations for modernisation
  • Challenges faced (He’ll be posing the question ‘why is modernisation hard?’ and looking at how automation can help considerably)
  • The process of drawing up a roadmap (Why you need to understand both the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ situations)
  • The importance of analysing CA Gen models (We have a tool called Model Analyster which greatly simplifies this)
  • How automation can simplify modernisation
  • The approach to automation
  • Examples of Jumar’s automation software (Project Phoenix) and common examples
  • Modernisation methodology (Plan, assess and remediate) – with a 3270 block mode example
  • Conclusion and action points

Your presenter for the CA Gen modernisation session: Paul Hughes

In addition to all this, Paul will also be ‘spinning the bow tie’ with some real life examples of how automating IT change has significantly helped some of the world’s biggest IT companies, saving them time, money and frustration.

Can’t make it? Get in touch, and we can come to you.  We’re more than happy to visit your premises to discuss this in more detail.