Texas – here we come! CA Gen conference is almost here

Just a few days left now.  The EDGEucate conference is almost here.

Are you going?  We are.  Obviously!  Jumar’s Paul Hughes will be strutting his inimitable stuff at the event, which takes place next week at the Collin College Conference Center in Frisco, Texas – the homeland of CA Technologies.  Details are here.

Paul’s presentation will cover all things CA Gen modernisation related, from the motivations to the challenges, the solutions to the outcomes.

In fact, while we’re here, we can give you a sneaky peek at the agenda for the event…

  • Motivations for modernisation
  • Challenges faced (He’ll be posing the question ‘why is modernisation hard?’ and looking at how automation can help considerably)
  • The process of drawing up a roadmap (Why you need to understand both the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ situations)
  • The importance of analysing CA Gen models (We have a tool called Model Analyster which greatly simplifies this)
  • How automation can simplify modernisation
  • The approach to automation
  • Examples of Jumar’s automation software (Project Phoenix) and common examples
  • Modernisation methodology (Plan, assess and remediate) – with a 3270 block mode example
  • Conclusion and action points

Your presenter for the CA Gen modernisation session: Paul Hughes

In addition to all this, Paul will also be ‘spinning the bow tie’ with some real life examples of how automating IT change has significantly helped some of the world’s biggest IT companies, saving them time, money and frustration.

Can’t make it? Get in touch, and we can come to you.  We’re more than happy to visit your premises to discuss this in more detail.


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