Modernising legacy systems – you COULD do it the long-winded way, but…

…that would be, well… long-winded.  And expensive.

CA Gen modernisation – there is a simpler way. Much simpler.

There is an alternative, however, and that will be presented at the EDGE CA Gen users conference in Canberra next week. (22nd Nov)

Jumar will be demonstrating the benefits of automating legacy system modernisation – with a particular focus on CA Gen, by selecting some choice snippets from its series of presentations about simplification through modernisation.

The conference takes place at CA’s Offices, and you can find more details including a link to book your place here.

This follows the successful EDGEucate conference in Texas – where we gave two presentations on a similar theme.  We apologies to everyone expecting to meet the infamous Paul Hughes at the event… Paul was prevented from travelling by illness (but is now on the mend) – so Kevin Tate stepped in at the last minute to give the talk remotely.

Thanks to everyone who attended – and we look forward to meeting some new faces and old friends in Canberra next week.


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