Good to meet up in Australia: CA Gen EDGE conference review

The whirlwind of CA Gen seminars made its way to Canberra – in the latest EDGE (CA Gen user community) event – the APAC conference on 22nd November.  And a very popular event it turned out to be.

Donning his Jumar hat (well, polo shirt more likely) was Paul McRae who waxed lyrical in front of a spellbound audience on the subject of Jumar’s automated approach to CA Gen modernization.  Paul was one of a series of speakers (including CA Gen Product Manager, Patti Bowman) at this well attended event – with other agenda topics covering beta versions of CA Gen v8.5, the cloud, new CA Gen sites and many others.

Blobs and web services were high on the agenda for most attendees, as were were ways of encouraging a greater uptake of CA Gen.

We are reliably informed that ice-cream provided a memorable aspect of the event – but can report on this no more as, apparently, ‘you had to be there’.  Which brings us onto…

If you wanted to attend to event, but couldn’t – then you can always drop us a line.  We have a 25 minute video covering the main points of our technology modernisation presentation, which we would be happy to share with you.  Alternatively, we could arrange a face-to-face meeting (or over Skype if you prefer) to discuss some of the more salient points.

There’s a bite-size teaser available below, where we look at 3270 block mode transitioning.  This video forms a small chunk of the bigger presentation.

Of you need any further information, you know where we are.  Look forward to hearing from you!


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