Jumar: taking CA Gen on the road to Mandalay

As promised, we are pleased to reveal more details about our upcoming presentation at CA World at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay resort – where Richard Branson (no less) will be the keynote speaker.


Andy Scott: Richard Branson is his ‘warm up act’.

The excitement surrounding Mr. Branson’s appearance is nothing compared to the buzz around Jumar’s hour-long session on CA Gen modernisation.

Doug Michael and Andy Scott will present on the benefits of automating IT transformation, and how our extensive experience in CA Gen can streamline the process yet further.

Some of the world’s biggest names have already recognised this – and seen the cost savings and benefits of working consistently, while harvesting the investment already made in the system.

The official summary of their talk is:

When modernising or upgrading any CA Gen system, it is
vital that the investment in that system is not lost – but exploited. Some of the world’s largest insightful organisations are realising the benefits of using automation to accelerate and simplify major modernisation projects. This leads to a reduction in costs and the ability to carry out tasks more consistently – all while harvesting the existing knowledge and functionality within that system. Typical examples include a re-platforming, a move to from GUI to Web, a service oriented re-architecture, healthcheck or upgrade. The session will show automation in action and demonstrate how CA Gen development teams can intelligently match customer demand more quickly and accurately by using automation rather than manual methods.

It takes place on Tuesday 23rd April at 11.15am at CA World, Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas from 21st-24th April.  You can register here – or for more information about Jumar’s presentation, please contact us.

If you can’t make it to the event – that’s no problem… we’ll more than happily come to you.  Just let us know.


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