New YouTube video: (Part 2) Are you really doing agile software development?

The second video in our series of “Are you really being agile” is now online.

This bitesize video follows on from our successful first agile development video, in which Doug Michael analyses ways in which organisations may misconstrue the agility of their projects.

It also offers advice on how to make projects truly agile, and the benefits this brings.

If you’ve not seen the first in the series, please view this first as its better to watch them in order.

The video is now here…

If you’d like more information, please contact us – and do feel free to comment on the video and share your thoughts on this topic.


Get out and walk! Jumar’s latest success story

We’re used to hard work here at Jumar Towers – but even a day in the office is nothing compared to our achievements at the weekend.

Two Jumar teams took their places among more than 2000 entrants in the 40 mile Keswick to Barrow and 23 mile Coniston to Barrow charity walks.

Team Jumar celebrating their achievement in the traditional way

Amid the driving rain and hailstorms, they fought their way through the two gruelling courses.

Our intrepid CTO, Doug Michael finishing in first place in the 23 mile event!  The official results have just been published, and confirm his impressive time of 3 hours and 13 minutes.

There has been much well-deserved hobbling in both of Jumar’s buildings,so congratulations to all who took part.

More information about the walks can be found at