Why should I take on a work experience student?

To understand the benefit to you as a company, you simply have to understand the benefit to the student you take on.

Experience highlighted in blue

Last week, we had the pleasure of playing host to Nicholas Gould, a year 10 student from the nearby Heart of England School. Jumar regularly takes on work experience placements, as well as working with local schools to help inspire pupils into a career in technology.

Nicholas – an aspiring IT expert – worked with one of our developers on a specially designed project, allowing him to absorb the various aspects of work life and a career in IT. We asked Nicholas to summarise his week (which we’ve shared below), but one particular paragraph really stood out:

“In my opinion employers should make a bigger effort to try and speak to students at secondary school. Even just spending an afternoon talking to pupils can make a massive difference to their choice in career. At some point these very students will enter working life and speaking to an employer can make a huge difference.”

This goes to reinforce Jumar’s ethos (and that of our Managing Director’s charity, Starfish) that engaging with students is vital in helping them make sound career choices and to plan their future with confidence.


Jumar runs a series of events at local schools and organises work experience placements, as well as taking on apprentices in various roles. This ethos is something that MD, Wendy Merricks strongly recommends business leaders to adopt, and is always happy discuss the benefits it has brought to Jumar. It’s very simple: you get out what you put in. Jumar has grown significantly over recent years, and working with school leavers has been an integral part of that.

For now, we’ll let Nicholas, sum up by describing his week with us, in the hope that more businesses are encouraged to do the same. We’ve made only minor changes to his summary for brevity and context…

“I found out about the Jumar work experience project when I was finishing my second year in secondary school. Jumar Solutions came into my school and explained who they were and what they did. I was given a small folder containing details of both Jumar Solutions as a company and of how jobs in IT actually function. I kept this folder because I knew this was the sort of place I would like to work. So when the opportunity to do work experience came up I quickly applied to Jumar Solutions who replied positively.

When I arrived at the business for my first day I was given a quick tour and briefed with the health and safety. I was then introduced to one of Jumar’s IT Developers who explained that she didn’t want this to be a boring experience and asked what I was interested in doing. We decided on doing a project for the week. This meant I was always engaged on one task or another.

Another thing I liked was the freedom that I was given. I was given my own computer system to use for the week and even allocated my own desk. This meant that the whole experience was both relaxed and beneficial.

The staff at Jumar Solutions are another reason that I had such a fantastic time. Everyone was always so upbeat and were all equipped with a great sense of humour. For the four days that I had the pleasure of spending at the business there seemed never seemed a dull moment.

During the week I have witnessed first-hand all the benefits of work experience – especially how good it can look on your CV if you find the right placement. It also gets you prepared for team exercises. Until you actually work in a team as part of a company you sometimes fail to realize the importance of the job you are completing.

The highlight from this opportunity was definitely the way in which the experience was conducted. I liked the fact that I was very involved and allowed a real experience as to how this area of the IT market works.”


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