Leading the national news – Jumar shares apprenticeships experience

We’ve been in the news today.

Jumar was invited to take part in a feature on youth unemployment on the BBC News Channel this afternoon: the lead story on the 3pm bulletin.

Jumar’s newest recruit, apprentice Natalie Ball, interviewed about her experiences in taking an an apprenticeship with the company – one of a number of options available to her after leaving school.

NB BBC News crop

Natalie, who is part of Jumar’s admin team, told the BBC that while university was an option for her, the fact she could learn real-life situations, while getting paid, was a much more attractive route.  She also said that it gave her valuable transferrable skills for the future.

AH BBC News crop 2Marketing Manager, Andy Holmes, also told of how Jumar had taken on many apprentices over the years who brought enthusiasm, commitment and loyalty to the company , resulting in a much lower staff turnover rate.

This whole culture stems from Jumar’s Managing Director, Wendy Merricks.  Wendy, who left school with very few qualifications, runs the non-profit organisation, Starfish (www.starfish.org.uk) which motivates young people into a career in industry by forging closer links with schools, colleges – and ultimately students.

For more information, please contact Jumar Solutions on 0121 788 4550.


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