Partnership between Jumar and Capgemini reduces cost and risk of legacy IT transformation

It’s been a busy week here at Jumar, thanks to our latest partnership.  Read more about the launch of our alliance with Capgemini UK below…


PRESS RELEASE: (Birmingham, UK) Organisations setting out to modernise their legacy IT applications in a lower-cost, de-risked manner are to benefit from a new partnership between Capgemini UK plc and Jumar Solutions.

Jumar Solutions is a worldwide specialist in the software development tool CA Gen, which has been used since the 1980s to develop and maintain mission critical, head of duty applications in some of the world’s largest public and private organisations.

Jumar has today announced a UK-wide partnership with Capgemini to provide customers with a unique combination of expertise and tooling to support projects involving transforming, modernising or migrating a customer’s CA Gen system.

Projects may be driven by financial efficiencies, by a need to move towards more modern technology or by a lack of access to skilled CA Gen resources.

The partnership provides a joint conversion factory allowing organisations to accelerate (by up to six times) their CA Gen transformation, migration or modernisation projects by deploying Jumar’s proprietary automated software tooling.  This is enhanced by Capgemini’s considerable experience in supporting large scale transformation projects in mission critical environments in a robust, proven process.

The approach allows for a much more rapid return on investment from a CA Gen transformation project, from more than 10 years to less than two years.

Risk is significantly reduced by applying this robust, automated conversion facility, allowing projects to be delivered in a repeatable, reliable and accurate manner in partnership with Capgemini.  Its network of development centres has a proven track record of executing large-scale projects with no negative impact on both public and private sector organisations.

Wendy Merricks, Jumar’s Managing Director says: “CA Gen-using organisations have a massive appetite to modernise their portfolio and this partnership provides them with unparalleled access to the best knowledge, software and resources.

We find that many CA Gen modernisation projects benefit from the wider expertise of Systems Integrators of Capgemini’s calibre and scale.  Indeed, the productivity and efficiencies that this collaboration brings, significantly benefits from our error-free automated approach, combined with Capgemini’s capacity to deliver, brings projects within reach that would not have been previously considered viable”

For more information, please contact us.



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