Coming of age: Jumar’s legacy modernisation software evolves with new look and new functionality

It has been the mainstay of CA Gen modernisation and transformation projects for more than a decade.

We are taking about our very own Project Phoenix.  Known simply as ‘Phoenix’ in these hereabouts, it was a collection of automated software tooling, supported by world-class consultancy, which has been used to modernise legacy systems across the globe for some of the world’s biggest names.

Now, as the target technologies continue to move on, so does the need to develop increasingly complex tooling to help modernise, re-platform and/or migrate the legacy systems.  And that means Phoenix is getting a makeover.

MAPS-strap-opaqueBuilding on the sound Phoenix principles, but with modern CA Gen transformation challenges in-mind, Jumar has overhauled its automation tooling to the extent where it needs a new name and a new look and feel.  Enter – Jumar MAPS – the new name for the new generation of Project Phoenix.

However, it’s more than just a name change.  The functionality has been significantly upgraded, and you can read about new capabilities here.

We’ve also categorised the tooling into three distinct families: ANALYSE, TRANSFORM and ACCELERATE.Categories in a row

The ANALYSE family includes our widely known Model Analyser tool and consists of a suite of software tooling which allows users to carry out a detailed inspection, analysis and assessment of their CA Gen models.

Analysis typically focuses on a particular type of transformation or project, highlighting issues that will be faced in the context of the actual models in scope, and providing information for estimation and planning. The Analyse family also helps to highlight issues around performance, upgrade (issues between source and target versions) and model corruptions.

MAPS box multi disc smallerTRANSFORM is a family of tools which significantly accelerate the transition to new architecture and technologies.  Our green-screen-to-client-server tool, 3270 Transition (previously 3270AUTO) falls under this category heading, as does Jumar’s forward engineering XML Code Generation tool which supports a number of target platforms including Java and COBOL.

Last, but not least, is the ACCELERATE group of products. As the name suggests, they allow CA Gen users to carry out modernisation and day-to-day development activities much more quickly – but more importantly, more accurately.

An overview breakdown of all the tools is available here.

All the above are supported by Jumar’s team of CA Gen experts, spread across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia – backed up by our UK-based development centre.

Jumar MAPS (which actually stands for Modernisation Automated Product Set – and that is why we abbreviate it!) replaced Project Phoenix in July 2014, …and will continue to evolve as Jumar’s R&D department work tirelessly to ensure that it keeps pace with the ever more demanding legacy modernisation projects we encounter.

Find out more.  Contact us here – or discover


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