CA Gen End of Support – deadline change

Jumar MAPS significantly facilitates CA Gen upgrades by using automation

Jumar MAPS significantly facilitates CA Gen upgrades by using automation

You may have heard that CA Technologies has announced that it is extending its End of Support date for CA Gen version 8.0 – originally due year – to August 2016.

Despite this postponement, now is still the best time to consider an upgrade to the latest version (v8.5).

Indeed, CA itself recommends users upgrade “as soon as possible”.

Jumar’s automated CA Gen upgrade service supports the transition to the very latest version of CA Gen (v8.5 IE2) from all earlier releases.

It follows a proven, predictable activity framework using experienced consultants in CA Gen. Crucially, it automates aspects of the model upgrade using its world-class suite of software tools – Jumar MAPS – which increases reliability and predictability, while reducing time cost and risk.

Further, it avoids the ‘do nothing’ option, which could see CA Gen users facing costly extended support fees.

Even if an organisation is considering migrating away from CA Gen in the future, upgrading to the latest version now provides a supported reference implementation which streamlines any migration process.

For our whitepaper on why you should act now, please click here.

Next steps

If your CA Gen system is running v8.0 or earlier, it is strongly advisable to consider your upgrade options as soon as possible. Jumar’s team of technical consultants can give an initial, no-obligation, view of what would be required to ensure your CA Gen system remains supported as a current version and whether further model-level improvements can be introduced at the same time. Contact us here.


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