Jumar news: New partnership with Fujitsu

We’re really proud to announce our latest partnership.  We’ve teamed up with Fujitsu to complement their Legacy Modernisation services with our specialist experience in CA Gen.

All the details are in our press release here…

NEWS RELEASE: CA Gen modernisation offering expands with partnership between Jumar and Fujitsu

Fujitsu logoUsers of the enterprise-level software development platform CA Gen are to benefit from a new global partnership between technology specialist Jumar Solutions and leading system integrator, Fujitsu.

Jumar has today announced the alliance, which will allow its specialist modernisation and migration services to be seamlessly integrated into projects across Fujitsu’s portfolio of international clients.

CA Gen has been used widely since the 1980s to develop and maintain strategic, mission-critical applications in large organisations.

The new partnership combines Fujitsu’s expertise in legacy modernisation with Jumar’s specific skills in CA Gen supported by its unique suite of automated software.

The use of automation can accelerate modernisation projects by up to six times, while saving end-users millions of pounds over the equivalent project conducted manually.

Jumar’s automated tooling can also significantly enhance the migration of an organisation’s CA Gen estate to newer technologies, by adding repeatability, accuracy and predictability while reducing risk and cost.

The partnership with Fujitsu allows CA Gen-using organisations to fully explore the options available to them through Fujitsu’s Application Value Assessment (AVA) programme. The AVA analyses every aspect of the applications from entire portfolios, down to single applications. This is complemented yet further with Jumar’s CA Gen model assessment software which provides specific insights into the CA Gen elements of a modernisation exercise.

Jumar’s Managing Director, Wendy Merricks, welcomes the news saying “We have a long history of working with Fujitsu in this space, and it’s fantastic that we now have a formal partnership with which we can expand the reach of our specialist services to Fujitsu’s clients.

Our expertise in CA Gen is probably the most extensive of any service provider anywhere, and coupled with Fujitsu’s track record in Legacy Modernisation, we are confident that we will significantly enhance any organisation’s CA Gen related project.

Whether they are committed to the platform, and want to continue developing and maintaining their applications within CA Gen, or have taken the strategic decision to migrate away from the technology, together we can deliver a world-class, robust solution.


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