CA Gen to Java: Benchmark confirms Jumar quality

One of the most frequently asked questions when discussing our automated migration of CA Gen to languages like Java and COBOL is: “how maintainable is the migrated code?”

assessmentWe’re now able to demonstrate this with an ‘A’ rating for software quality in an independent benchmark test.

Our philosophy towards migrating CA Gen portfolios (in all or in part) to other technologies is that the delivered code should be…

  • functionally equivalent to the original
  • free from any CA Gen dependency
  • performant
  • hand-maintainable

Recently, as part of a CA Gen to Java migration programme, this was put to the test when Jumar’s client commissioned a SQALE assessment of the code produced by Jumar MAPS – our world-class suite of automated CA Gen transformation software.

Impressively, the code attained an overall rating of ‘A’, raking it in the highest category for maintainability, efficiency, usability and other characteristics.

There’s more detail here – and you can find out more about SQALE by visiting our website.

However, there’s no substitute for seeing this for yourself. To arrange a demonstration of how our generated code is higher quality and more maintainable than hand-written code, please contact us, and we’ll arrange a demo.


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