2. Agile development

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Limitations in traditional software development methodologies (including the traditional waterfall method) have resulted in many organisations adopting the Agile approach for new application development.

Agile is a software development methodology based upon an iterative development lifecycle, where business application requirements and solutions evolve through teamwork and collaboration.

Each iteration or sprint involves a small focused team working through the entire development lifecycle within a very short timeframe to produce a working software solution that can be demonstrated to the project stakeholders at the end of the iteration. Each sprint is time-boxed to a maximum duration of two elapsed weeks.

Stakeholders review progress at the end of each sprint and re-evaluate future priorities with a view to optimising the return on investment and ensuring ongoing system alignment with the company goals. Overall risk is minimised and the project is able to adapt to business change very quickly. Multiple sprints are typically required to reach a desired functional release point when the software solution can be moved into production.

The following stages provide a repeatable approach to efficient and successful delivery of enterprise-scale web applications using the Agile methodology:

In Safe Hands

With over twenty years experience of successfully applying model-based approaches to enterprise software development projects for a world-wide customer base, you can rest assured that your new Agile projects are in safe hands. Highly experienced consultants from Jumar can help to guide you through your own internal application development projects or alternatively we can develop the new systems on your behalf.

For peace of mind, all Agile projects have pre-agreed timescales and budgets thereby reducing your risk. Our unique Flexible Managed Service ensures comprehensive and cost-effective on-site resource provisioning at exactly the right points within your Agile project development life-cycle. Alternatively, the Jumar UK-based Outsource Development Centre can be commissioned to execute sprint iterations on demand.

Enabled by the Agile Platform

The Agile platform enables rapid integration with legacy applications, and simplified delivery of rich web-based systems. It equips IT with all the required tools to integrate, develop, deploy, manage and change web-based business applications. An independent study by Atos Origin shows that the platform from OutSystems offers a 22.9% productivity increase for Agile Software Development, when compared with traditional development.

Your Agile Partner

With a strong history of leadership in methodology and model-based development practices, Jumar is perfectly placed to be your strategic partner in application development and can help to extract maximum return on your investment in your existing legacy systems.

Our consultants are respected worldwide for their expertise in managing and executing software development projects of all sizes. Our experience and repeated success of delivering to tight deadlines and budgets is perfectly suited to the Agile methodology.

Our expertise, innovative approaches to development, and quality of delivery, coupled with the use of the Agile platform from OutSystems enables new high quality applications to be created and deployed in days rather than weeks. This provides your organisation with greater value for money in terms of accelerated web development and application integration.

For more information on Agile or OutSystems please visit: www.outsystems.com.

How Quickly Can Your Application Be Built?

Jumar’s experienced team can deliver a solution tailored to your exact needs – fast. Tell us what you need and we’ll use the Agile Platform’s advanced sizing tools to give you an estimate.


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