CA Gen to Java: Benchmark confirms Jumar quality

One of the most frequently asked questions when discussing our automated migration of CA Gen to languages like Java and COBOL is: “how maintainable is the migrated code?”

assessmentWe’re now able to demonstrate this with an ‘A’ rating for software quality in an independent benchmark test.

Our philosophy towards migrating CA Gen portfolios (in all or in part) to other technologies is that the delivered code should be…

  • functionally equivalent to the original
  • free from any CA Gen dependency
  • performant
  • hand-maintainable

Recently, as part of a CA Gen to Java migration programme, this was put to the test when Jumar’s client commissioned a SQALE assessment of the code produced by Jumar MAPS – our world-class suite of automated CA Gen transformation software.

Impressively, the code attained an overall rating of ‘A’, raking it in the highest category for maintainability, efficiency, usability and other characteristics.

There’s more detail here – and you can find out more about SQALE by visiting our website.

However, there’s no substitute for seeing this for yourself. To arrange a demonstration of how our generated code is higher quality and more maintainable than hand-written code, please contact us, and we’ll arrange a demo.


Don’t let the best candidates get away

By Helen Law, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Jumar Solutions

There’s nothing worse than rushing a business decision. But when it comes to recruitment, we’re increasingly seeing that time is definitely of the essence when it comes to snapping up the right candidate.

A few years ago, employers enjoyed the luxury of taking a few weeks prior to making a recruitment decision (whether for an initial interview request or even to making an offer), safe in the knowledge that the supply for roles vastly exceeded demand.

Times have changed and the opposite is now true with companies taking the risk of losing good candidates just because they are taking too long to interview and to make offers.


Take the fastest route to the right recruitment decision. Avoid the delays that could see the best candidate go elsewhere.


At Jumar, our teams of IT recruitment specialists are beginning to this see this more and more often, resulting in employers losing really good candidates. Candidates are often applying for more than just one job at a time or being approached directly.

It is easy to look at each stage of the recruitment process and see how candidates are being lost.

At the beginning: Setting a closing date for applications is a useful exercise, but not reviewing CVs as they come in (or are provided by your recruitment agency) can result in the best candidates sitting on a pile until they are looked at. By the time they are, it’s highly likely that they’ve gone elsewhere.

In the middle: As candidates are increasingly in the driving seat, a lack of flexibility around interviewing can easily see them spirited away to other employers or recruiters. The days of a fixed ‘take it or leave it’ interview date are gone. It’s now likely that they’ll leave it. Does that mean that they weren’t 100% committed to your role in the first place? This could be the case, it also could be the case that the candidate has other commitments that have been previously arranged and cannot be cancelled.

At the end: We have also seen situations where an employer finds their ideal candidate, and then takes several days to offer them. Those employers who are proactive could very easily have swooped by then!

There is a simple remedy and we would highly recommend clients taking the following steps:

  • Instil a sense of urgency into your recruitment processes. You can still be thorough and selective, but keep in mind that a candidate won’t wait for ever.
  • Don’t be suspicious about your recruitment agency chasing you with first-class candidates. The relationship between you and a good recruiter should be strong enough to know that they’re not just trying to make a quick sale, but that they have your interests at heart.
  • Remember that you have competitors for the best candidates.
  • Be confident in your gut reaction. If a candidate looks ideal, take them on. Don’t wait for someone a little more ideal – as they may never turn up.

It is not only the IT Sector that suffers with this problem, we know it to be common across many sectors.

A quick change in mind-set as to how you recruit, will result in considerable savings – cost, time and frustration.

For more information, or to discuss any requirements you have, please contact me on 0161 684 2305 or by email here.



(Jumar Solutions Provides IT recruitment services from offices in the North of England (0161 684 2305) and West Midlands (0121 788 4550) across all areas of the software development lifecycle)


Cyber security – the stamp of approval

cyberCyber security is never far from the news, and as an organisation which specialises in enterprise-wide application development and modernisation projects, we are delighted to announced that we have achieved the ‘Cyber Essentials‘ standard.

It’s a Government-backed scheme which shows that we are following a range of controls to prevent cyber security incidents.

Certification involved an in-depth independent audit of the our IT systems to make sure we were complying with best practice which protects us and our clients against common cyber-attacks.  This was backed up too, with a vulnerability test, and certification lasts for 12 months.

As a business, we see it as a really positive move, and if you’re considering getting certified, we’d be happy to share our thoughts on the process with you.  While we’re here, if you ‘re looking for application development or IT recruitment services, we’d be happy to help with that too!

Jumar news: New partnership with Fujitsu

We’re really proud to announce our latest partnership.  We’ve teamed up with Fujitsu to complement their Legacy Modernisation services with our specialist experience in CA Gen.

All the details are in our press release here…

NEWS RELEASE: CA Gen modernisation offering expands with partnership between Jumar and Fujitsu

Fujitsu logoUsers of the enterprise-level software development platform CA Gen are to benefit from a new global partnership between technology specialist Jumar Solutions and leading system integrator, Fujitsu.

Jumar has today announced the alliance, which will allow its specialist modernisation and migration services to be seamlessly integrated into projects across Fujitsu’s portfolio of international clients.

CA Gen has been used widely since the 1980s to develop and maintain strategic, mission-critical applications in large organisations.

The new partnership combines Fujitsu’s expertise in legacy modernisation with Jumar’s specific skills in CA Gen supported by its unique suite of automated software.

The use of automation can accelerate modernisation projects by up to six times, while saving end-users millions of pounds over the equivalent project conducted manually.

Jumar’s automated tooling can also significantly enhance the migration of an organisation’s CA Gen estate to newer technologies, by adding repeatability, accuracy and predictability while reducing risk and cost.

The partnership with Fujitsu allows CA Gen-using organisations to fully explore the options available to them through Fujitsu’s Application Value Assessment (AVA) programme. The AVA analyses every aspect of the applications from entire portfolios, down to single applications. This is complemented yet further with Jumar’s CA Gen model assessment software which provides specific insights into the CA Gen elements of a modernisation exercise.

Jumar’s Managing Director, Wendy Merricks, welcomes the news saying “We have a long history of working with Fujitsu in this space, and it’s fantastic that we now have a formal partnership with which we can expand the reach of our specialist services to Fujitsu’s clients.

Our expertise in CA Gen is probably the most extensive of any service provider anywhere, and coupled with Fujitsu’s track record in Legacy Modernisation, we are confident that we will significantly enhance any organisation’s CA Gen related project.

Whether they are committed to the platform, and want to continue developing and maintaining their applications within CA Gen, or have taken the strategic decision to migrate away from the technology, together we can deliver a world-class, robust solution.

CA Gen End of Support – deadline change

Jumar MAPS significantly facilitates CA Gen upgrades by using automation

Jumar MAPS significantly facilitates CA Gen upgrades by using automation

You may have heard that CA Technologies has announced that it is extending its End of Support date for CA Gen version 8.0 – originally due year – to August 2016.

Despite this postponement, now is still the best time to consider an upgrade to the latest version (v8.5).

Indeed, CA itself recommends users upgrade “as soon as possible”.

Jumar’s automated CA Gen upgrade service supports the transition to the very latest version of CA Gen (v8.5 IE2) from all earlier releases.

It follows a proven, predictable activity framework using experienced consultants in CA Gen. Crucially, it automates aspects of the model upgrade using its world-class suite of software tools – Jumar MAPS – which increases reliability and predictability, while reducing time cost and risk.

Further, it avoids the ‘do nothing’ option, which could see CA Gen users facing costly extended support fees.

Even if an organisation is considering migrating away from CA Gen in the future, upgrading to the latest version now provides a supported reference implementation which streamlines any migration process.

For our whitepaper on why you should act now, please click here.

Next steps

If your CA Gen system is running v8.0 or earlier, it is strongly advisable to consider your upgrade options as soon as possible. Jumar’s team of technical consultants can give an initial, no-obligation, view of what would be required to ensure your CA Gen system remains supported as a current version and whether further model-level improvements can be introduced at the same time. Contact us here.

Attitudes towards CA Gen – results of our survey

attitudesnewsthumbThroughout last year, we carried out a survey among the CA Gen-using community to gauge their latest thoughts and attitudes towards the tool.

This became known as our ’watercooler survey’, as it addressed topics that the CA Gen community would discuss if gathered informally around an office watercooler.  You may have seen various invitations to take part.

As promised, we are now sharing the results with you in our latest whitepaper.

It includes insights such as…

  • the CA Gen Community’s views on the tool’s legacy status
  • availability of CA Gen skills
  • attitudes towards upgrading,
  • dealing with model corruptions
  • many other topics

Read the document here

For further information about any aspect of CA Gen modernisation or transformation, including upgrade, migration and consultancy, please contact us.

Whitepaper – CA Gen modernisation: What’s another year?

legacy word in vintage wood typeOnce a part of the IT estate gets labelled legacy, it takes on a whole new personality. It is almost as if it finally gets the recognition it deserves for many decades of long and faithful service. It’s done its job so well, that the business can’t live without it, and so it finally takes its place in the ‘hall of fame’ where it continues to provide excellent, wise and revered service to anyone who wants to use it. And there it stays, safe in the knowledge that the young, fashionable alternatives – who may be faster, more agile and designed to work with the new wave of mobile, internet-based, cloud-ready technology – just don’t have the same ‘presence’ as their legacy counterparts.

But, all the time this is happening, so is ‘business as usual’, and the legacy systems continue to run quietly in the background, notching up another year of service without anyone really noticing. Let’s face it, when a piece of business technology something is 15 or 20 years old, what’s another year or two? Especially when all this ‘business as usual’ provides convenient day-to-day distractions from the legacy system. The legacy technology, meanwhile has steps in place to keep it in a steady state, whether offshored or kept ticking along with one or two stalwart staff.


There is a risk in this mentality of “what’s another year?”- and it is this risk that we investigate in our latest whitepaper on our core area of expertise, CA Gen.

In it, we look into those risks and compare them to concerns that organisations have over modernising CA Gen systems NOW. In particular, we look at how automation can mitigate those risks, and enhance the process.

You can read the whitepaper here – and don’t forget that we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

For more information about CA Gen modernisation services, please contact us.