3. Automated transformation

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Project Phoenix is a collection of software tools and services focused on the modernisation and re-platforming of existing/legacy CA Gen applications to new environments.

The Phoenix software analyses the CA Gen models and determines the steps required to convert them to the structure appropriate for the desired type of transition. It then applies those updates to the models automatically using the CA Gen APIs. Among the possible transformations, block mode procedures can be split into clients and servers; business rules previously locked away can be exposed as web services and new interfaces can be automatically generated.

Phoenix software is extremely flexible and Jumar can very rapidly configure it to perform the exact transformation or combination of transformations required for an individual application.

Benefits of Project Phoenix

Saves time and money

Project Phoenix incorporates sophisticated tools designed specifically to analyse an application that is to be modernised or transformed. The analysis results provide all the necessary information to scope and accurately estimate a project.

Phoenix delivers up to 100% automation of the transformation – using the results of the analysis to determine what changes are required and then applying them automatically and in bulk.

Saves resources

Jumar’s automation means the application transformation can be done with far less people and in far less time than would otherwise be required. Furthermore, our outsourcing facility offers the option to take a customer’s models away and return them fully transformed to their specifications, removing the burden on the customer’s IT staff, allowing them to concentrate on other development or maintenance work.

Reduces risk

The automated nature of the transformations performed within Project Phoenix means large volumes of changes can be made with a degree of accuracy that would never be possible with the work being done manually. This greatly reduces the risk of introducing bugs into the application and reduces the re-testing effort required.


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