4. Training

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With a focus on CA Gen training, our approach is flexible, with courses designed to deliver skilled technical resources that match customer needs closely.

Courses are scheduled in response to client requests and can be delivered on a client site, where suitable accommodation is available, in a hotel/conference facility convenient to your location. Alternatively, we have training facilities at our head office in Solihull, United Kingdom.

Standard courses

Jumar’s standard courses are run at customer request and provide a roadmap to take developers new to CA Gen through to becoming experienced, productive CA Gen developers with an understanding of how to achieve high levels of productivity with the CA Gen toolset. Course content is modular, flexible and can be adapted to individual client requirements.

Customised course

Each customer’s development environment is unique, so Jumar offers a service to incorporate site specific training material into appropriate places in our standard course material. This allows delegates to return to their development teams with CA Gen knowledge tailored to their particular environment, ready to make a positive contribution to the team.

The Academy

Jumar has developed a tailored, accelerated training programme based on practical work on real transactions selected from the customer’s own development environment. Classroom based training is combined with on the job mentoring and project work, with a trainer providing support to developers on site as they start to apply the course content in a live environment.

Project mentoring

Less formal education is also provided through one to one coaching and mentoring by a Jumar consultant.


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